Ageing is mandatory. However, how we choose to address our ageing challenges is very important. One of the most critical aspects of life is that after spending the first 2 decades of our lives in the pursuit of education, the next 4 decades in the pursuit of family and financial requirements, it is only after the age of 60 that we get sufficient amount of free time, and financial independence to follow our passions.

It is always a big surprise when, after the age of 60, when we meet our friends, we realise that some of them look very fit, and active while others struggle with multiple medical and physical issues. This has always been a mystery for a lot of people, because of the fact that nobody wants to be bedridden, or incapable of being able to perform their day-to-day activities comfortably. For the founding team at RESTORY this insight into ageing and trying to solve the mysteries of ageing and body deterioration has been one of the triggering factors to start RESTORY.

As our founder Dr.Harsha noticed that, his grandfather at the age of 97, was still able to travel by public transport and have a very happy social life whereas few other members of his family were struggling by the age of 60 or 65 to be able to walk without pain.

We always maintain that the human body is a large, complicated, organic machine and just like any other machine if we take adequate precautions and care it will last for a very long time.

The 3 critical components for keeping your body healthy are: -

  • Proper nutrition
  • Proper physical fitness
  • Timely preventive and therapeutic advice.

ActiveAge is a specially designed programme to help people above the age of 55 get the required physical exercise to help keep their bodies functionally fit. Functional fitness does not require having a six-pack or the ability to do 100 sit-ups. Functional fitness means being able to do your day–to–day activities such as climbing stairs, playing with grandchildren, performing household chores and occasionally being able to perform a strenuous physical exercise without having the sensation of shortness of breath, muscle pain or feeling fatigue.

Unfortunately, the common choice of exercise at this age is walking. Walking is an easy enough exercise because it is social and there is no specific timing or machinery required. Unfortunately, while walking is a good source of cardio exercise, it does not sufficiently engage necessary muscles and these days it is also dangerous because of traffic. One of the bigger issues with walking is that it puts more than the required strain on knee joints and ankle joints.

We have extensively researched, both with our own patients as well as with leading publications and journals about the right kind of exercise for people older than 55 years. This requires a combination of engaging your Cardiac, Neuro, Pulmonary, Musculoskeletal Systems and all joints of the body.

In collaboration with leading specialists and physiotherapists, we at RESTORY have created a platform called ActiveAge which can be done both online as well as offline. ActiveAge is designed to give you a functional workout in 30-40 minutes without the requirement of specialised machines or facilities. You can combine ActiveAge along with your walking schedule and it is also designed to be enjoyed and fun to do along with your children or grandchildren.

To know more, contact our clinical team at RESTORY at +919888358666.

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