Importance of correct exercise

For every human being, physical activity and exercise are an essential requirement. However, it is not just about being physically active, but doing the right kind of exercise. Unfortunately, most of the exercise requirements after the age of 55 are done by walking. Walking is a good way to keep muscles active but it is a very poor quality of physical fitness for the elderly. Walking is not only harmful to your knees and ankles but in this day and age it is also very dangerous because of traffic, lack of proper walking facilities and inability to give the body the required amount of cardiac effort.

But, why is walking so popular?

Walking is easy, does not require any investment in equipment, can be done in any location and at any time and most importantly is a very social activity because people always like to walk in groups along with their friends and have a good social bonding as well.
So what does correct exercise mean?

Correct exercise should address your body from five aspects: –

• Calorie burn
• Orthopaedic (bone, muscle and joint) requirement
• Neurological (reflexes, memory) requirement
• Cardiac requirement
• Lung Pulmonary (lung and breathing) requirements

When all the five requirements mentioned above are met, the body would have its needs met properly.
We at RESTORY have created a new platform for exercise requirements of people age 50 and above in the form of our service ActiveAge. ActiveAge can be practised either individually or as a group in the comfort of your house or a common meeting area. The components of ActiveAge do not require any equipment or specialised facilities and you can get professional and correct exercise at any time of the day.

To know more about active age please contact our team at RESTORY who will guide you and help you enrol. For more information contact +919888358666

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