MyHealthScore is a one of its kind initiative launched by RESTORY, to ensure that all your medical and non-medical health data are combined together to give you a more holistic and comprehensive picture of your health.

We believe that in today’s era of specialisation and variations in lifestyle everyone should understand what their base line health is.

To put it simply, we at RESTORY combine your physical health, psychological health, physiological health, nutritional health, bio chemistry , pharmacological status as well as family history to give you a simple understandable number which is your MyHealthScore.

The purpose of knowing your MyHealthScore is to enable you to know what is right and what is wrong with your health. Once you get this information, you can than focus on, making appropriate and necessary changes in your lifestyle so that you can control and achieve better health as you grow older.

Currently when we all have multiple test results and do not necessarily understand the overall picture and status of our health MyHealthScore is a refreshingly simple and elegant system to ensure that you are able to answer the question “How healthy are you?” confidentially.

To know more contact our clinical assessment team RESTORY +919888358666.

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