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It has been mentioned in multiple books, articles as well as in media that the human body is a very efficient machine. Just like any other machine multiple processes keep happening in the body, multiple sources of stress and pressures are impacting our bodies every day. Just like any machine or living organism over a period of time our body slowly gets worn out, damaged and requires regularly preventive maintenance. In a passive way good health habits include a healthy lifestyle comprising of nutrition, physical exercise, mental health care, and emotional and social activities.

Physical pain, difficulty in movements, and reduction in the ability to do day-to-day tasks are important signs of deterioration of the body. In addition to this sometimes we all have family history of diabetes, Hyper-tension and various other diseases. It is necessary to periodically conduct health check-ups to ensure that we are keeping our body in the best condition. It is also very important to identify any disease at a very early stage and take necessary medication and precautions to cure the same.

The most important organs to check are heart functioning, lung functioning, brain function, joints and muscle functions and the stomach and associated organs such as liver, kidney, thyroid etc. Apart from these regular check-ups, it is very important to check for cancer-screening and mental health and psychological issues such as memory, depression, anxiety and sleep.

It is normally advised after the age of 60 to conduct two health check-ups for year for general wellbeing which includes vitamin status, blood markers, electrolytes, liver and kidney function tests. It is also advised to do a cardiac check-up once a year and cancer screening once every 2-3 years unless and until there is a specific reason to do the same more frequently.

One of the most common challenges which we see in our patients is that we get the report of an annual health check-up, but these are not early understandable and we do not have clarity on how healthy we are. When we see these reports at an individual, we miss the inter- connectivity between certain parameters. For- example calcium levels and vitamin D levels do not just indicate the health of your bones but are also representative of nutritional health and various other parameters.

To simplify your understanding of your health and to give you an option of being able to track your health from each test, we at Restory have created a unique solution called My Health Score.

My Health Score combines all aspects of your physical health, nutritional health, physiological health, Psychological health, family history and your current medication. The health score is like the cibil score(for finances), where you will know exactly where you stand and gives you a benchmark of whether you are improving as you grow older or identifying risk factors at an early stage or whether you are worsening at a rate faster than you should be.

To know more kindly contact our clinical assessment team who will guide you through this process at +919888358666

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