The theme for this World Heart day

The theme for this World Heart day is ‘Use Heart for every Heart’

While grammatically ambiguous, it’s a lovely statement into the fact that the Heart is not just a Physical marker of life signs but also a key element of our emotional and spiritual well being.

Our take on this is that for every action we take using our heart or our conscience as a tool to do the right thing, brings about a lot of positivity and satisfaction.

After-all a heavy heart gives you sleepless nights.

It’s also crucial to be aware of the Global and Local burden of Cardiac disease which is mostly preventable.

This World Heart Day we at urge you to use your heart in every aspect of your life, and to enable that, keep your heart healthy with regular checkups, good and balanced lifestyle and most importantly sharing your heart with your loved ones

Regards Team Restory. To know more kindly contact us on (7568555123)

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