Tips to Prevent Social Isolation in Elderly

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In recent times one of the bigger challenges and complaints we receive from our patients is that there are socially isolated and feel neglected and alone most of the time. Elderly people are especially susceptible to social isolation due to various factors.

What are the causes of social isolation in the elderly?

It is mainly due to very limited interaction with other people that causes social isolation in the elderly. Having lived a busy and fulfilling life with multiple connections and relationships, suddenly during their retirement phase the elderly feel this lack of socialisation even more.

Most common factors that cause isolation in the elderly are:

  • Health issues 
  • Unable to be independent with respect to travel
  • Relocation to other places 
  • Responsibility of being a care giver to family such as spouse and/or children 
  • Death of family or friends
  • Financial issues

How does social isolation impact the elderly?

Multiple studies have shown that isolation has far reaching impact on the psychology and physical health of a person. The more common side effects of this isolation are:

  • Increased negative thoughts 
  • Decline in memory 
  • Depression 
  • Reduced immunity 
  • High blood pressure and or blood sugars.

How to deal with loneliness in the elderly?

The most important aspects to reduce social isolation in your loved one’s, is to make them feel independent whether it is through financial independence, physical independence, or convenience of transport. Making it mandatory to spend time and making conscious efforts to show love and affection to your elders is most important

Educating them on using technology to connect with their friends will also help them not feel left out or neglected.

At RESTORY the psychological impact of social isolation is something we see very regularly in our patients, and we always counsel family members to take pro-active action and find mutually enjoyable activities to address this issue. We are also building a forum designed specifically for senior citizens to have a safe method of being able to communicate with like minded people.

To know more contact our clinical assessment team at RESTORY at +919888358666.

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