Restory HealthyTech is India’s first Geriatric Healthcare Technology Enterprise. We are a team of committed and passionate people who have seen our parents and grandparents go through the ageing process and realized that technology can simplify and add meaningful value to their lives and help them age with dignity.
We focus on impacting healthcare in the elderly through one of the simplest yet most powerful ways of providing healthcare – which is by giving an insight into your health and giving a quantifiable answer to the question…

Our Services

Subscription Pharmacy

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How does Restory help you

MyHealthScore will perform a complete and holistic assessment and give you an appraisal of your overall health

Our Pharma- audit technology – Pharmony will assess all your prescriptions and let you know about their safety profile and inter-drug efficacy

ActivAge is our patform which will help in physically rejuvenating you while taking care of your physical health and enabling you to have the functional fitness you require

No messy or tedious form filling or data entry, our dedicated Client Care Team will contact you at your convenience at take care of the whole process . Simply give us a call on 8008247365 and we will do the rest.

Need Some Help?

If you need some help, the Restory’s Clinical Assessment Team can support you over the phone.

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