Stay healthy with Lyftrac by Restory: Your complete year-round healthcare partner.

Our Single Yearly Subscription includes:

  1. 90+ Parameters Master Health Check
  2. 150 Lifestyle and Functional parameters for identifying health risks
  3. Daily healthcare tracking via Whatsapp
  4. Quarterly blood tests to track your progress
  5. Prescription audits for drug-drug interactions
  6. On demand Counselling and Quarterly Assessments
  7. Intuitive Smart reports
  8. Nutritional Guidance
  9. Daily Activage Functional Fitness
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A Comprehensive and holistic health assessment using medical and lifestyle data . It assesses pathological values, physiological parameters, nutritional status, physical and emotional health to develop a personalised and proprietary LyfTrac Score to help improve your quality of life


Analyze drug interactions basis your different prescriptions thus preventing potential adverse events in elders who are on multiple medications


It is devised for elders to incorporate physical exercises into their daily routine without any special equipment which can be done from the comfort of their home, hence taking care of your physical and functional fitness